Once you are engaged, the first thing to discuss with your fiancée is the financial part of the wedding – the wedding budget. The bride and the groom should find out convenient time to spend to decide the amount they could afford. When you know the amount you can spend, our wedding consultants will help you with dividing the different part for the catering, restaurant, gown, flowers, music etc.

It has been always a challenge for the bride and the groom and their parents to create the wedding list. Our professionals suggest creating four wedding’s lists – one of each from the bride, her parents, the groom and his parents. The names which appeared in at least two of the lists should be invited. Those who appeared in only one list should make a decision based upon if there is a limitation.

The next step in organizing the wedding is to choose the date. Our advice is together with your fiancée to choose to potential dates for the wedding celebration. Do not forget to check out the calendar for the holidays around your wedding dates as well as the fact that in June and September are the busiest months for weddings.

To insure the orderly flow of the event you are organizing we advise you to get familiar with the materials below:

We also offer you to some interesting facts related to the traditional symbolism of the wedding celebrations:

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