Are you curious what anniversary will you be celebrating with your better half one or more years after exchanging pledges on the wedding day? If yes, you should delve in the following lines for what you will find there will resemble quite closely a treasure.

After the first five years you will be celebrating your "Wooden wedding".
The Tenth anniversary,even though it does not cling, is called "Tin wedding".

Attention! Here starts a list of anniversaries with beautiful and precious names!
Let's start with the fifteenth (15) - Chrystal, followed by the twentieth (20) - China, and after them proudly come (25) Silver, (30) Pearl, (35) Coral, (40) Ruby and (45) Sapphire.

The next 4 anniversaries are very special and extraordinary events in human life. So let's wish all the best to the partners celebrating their Golden (50), Emerald (55), Diamond (60), and Platinum (70) weddings.

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