Buying our luxury service pack you ensure that all the details of the organization of your Wedding will be taken care of and more. Your wedding will be designed in a way that will make it a memorable experience for you and your Guests.

Here is a list of all the services included in the pack:

  • Consultation support till the wedding day;
  • Selecting the celebration venue;
  • Booking a Ritual Hall and a church (option for selecting a unique place for the ceremony);
  • Designing an original vision and theme of the celebration;
  • Putting together a scenario of the wedding day;
  • Budgeting the celebration;
  • Recommending a photographer, DJ, cameraman, restaurant. Working with all the involved parties;
  • Selecting the wedding invitations;
  • Designing the wedding bouquet, car decoration and boutonnieres;
  • Decorating the restaurant with living flowers and balloons;
  • Preparation of the wedding cake and round loaves;
  • Booking a hairdresser and a make-up artist;
  • Renting a car for the wedding day;
  • Consultation about the dress of the bride, the sponsor and the bridesmaids;
  • Consultation about the groom's attire;
  • Help with sponsor's speech;
  • SPA procedures for the bride, the sponsor and the bridesmaids.

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